Here are a few of the frequently requested questions from our customers. We thought we’d put them all together in an easy-to-read format. If you have any further concerns, please do not hesitate to reach us. We’re here to assist you in any way that we can!

What is the time frame to get my order completed?

The orders will be completed within six hours. The order will be processed within 24 to 48 hours. The exact timeframe is listed on each package’s homepage.

Why use BUYReviewnow Service?

BUYReviewnow is the best trusted firm to help you grow your social account and fan page professionally. Our service is the most affordable rates available on the market. We can’t be beat on price and top quality, backed by our excellent 24/7 customer support and lifetime replacement guarantee that no one could offer!

After I’ve placed the order will I be able to see immediate results?

In the beginning, we’ll ensure your order has been processed correctly and that there aren’t any mistakes made during your ordering. Then , our advertising team will check and verify your order within one to six hours. The order should start receiving likes, followers, subscribers comments, reviews, etc. within 24 days (1-3 days) after the time you place your order.

What is the significance of each Order Status?

When you make the order you might be able to see that your order has certain statuses that alter. Here is the Statuses of Order and what they mean: Pending The order was received however we haven’t received your payment.Processing Your payment was successfully received. Please allow 12-24 hours for your order to start.In Processing – We’ve looked over your details and everything has been has been checked. Your information was been received by our order team and they’ve started your order. The order will be processed within the specified timeframe now.Failed or Restriction – It is a possibility of error in the information , like Facebook’s page or image you provided us with. It could be due to a variety of reasons. The following are the most common reasons to suspect this.1. The information you provide, like the URL or Facebook URL isn’t correct as well as your Twitter, Instagram account are wrong. Check it’s loading properly for you and then send the correct URL or follow these steps below.2. If your Facebook fan page or picture is blocked to Twitter and Instagram accounts. is private. Take this off your administrator of your fan page and for the photo , it will be on your profile. profile.3. Facebook fan page or picture URL didn’t appear in. We have examined your order and discovered a problem. You will receive an email from us with further instructions.Refunded – We started/completed your order, but provided a refund due to either, an Official Refund Request, Fraud, or other reason any points you have got from our reward program are removed automatically.Cancelled – We did not start to the order. It is either you (the customer) decided to cancel the order, or our team did not cancel the order. In this instance you will either receive the full amount of your refund or offered credit at the In-Store.

Are these services private and private?

Absolutely! We take privacy very serious. Our services are totally discrete and discreet and nobody will ever know what you bought with us (unless you inform them!). Our goal is to improve your social credibility and build social evidence, not destroy it. We will not disclose your information to a third-party or affiliates.

What exactly is Your Money Back Guarantee function?

All of our services and products come with a 100 percent Money Back Guarantee. That means that if we fail to deliver our promise, we’ll provide an entire refund. There are some exceptions and you should go through our terms and conditions of service. If you believe that we did not fulfill our commitment to deliver your purchase, you can request a full or a partial refund through the contact form.

Why do your prices remain so low?

The use of social media for marketing and advertising is something we do each and every day. We’ve streamlined our processes and strategies over the last five years to ensure that costs remain to the minimum and still provide our high-end service that we are recognized for. We are unable to divulge too much detail regarding what we offer in terms of products or processes because of reasons of competition.

What types of payments do BuyReviewnow accept?

The payment methods we accept currently include PayPal, BitCoin, Master Card, Neteller etc via our secure form. If you want to make payment through another method just contact us through this mail- admin@buyreviewnow.com

How can I reach Buyreviewnow Service?

You can communicate via admin@buyreviewnow.com or our contact form directly which is available 24/7.

What is the warranty for replacements?

Different types of warranty replacement are offered in a variety of services. Such as- any Facebook/YouTube/Twitter/SoundCloud etc likes, Followers, Subscribers etc 1 year replacement, Google/Yelp/Trust Pilot etc reviews services 6 month replacement, any Gmail/SC etc account replacement within reasonable time. We will provide replacements for you no cost. In addition, we offer 24/7 support for our clients ‘ service at any time.

Can I conduct an BuyReviewnow Campaign for Service?

Yes, but we wouldn’t suggest it. We measure our progress based on the total number of your likes. In addition, if another campaign you’re running increases your number of likes concurrently this will count toward the promotion we’ve made to promote your site. However, we will over-deliver on our orders in order to accommodate the organic likes you’ve received for your page during our campaign.

Can I divide my order across several pages?

Unfortunately , we are not able to divide a single order across several pages. However, we can offer bulk discounts on these kinds of orders. Just reach us via our contact page to discuss your needs and we’ll provide you with a estimates with discounts that will be applied.

I’m victimized by Fraud! What can I do to return my money?

Contact us immediately! Please provide us with as much detail as you have including but not only the following: Cardholder’s Full Name and Billing Address Type of Credit or Debit card (Visa, MasterCard, etc.) Date of Transaction and the amount (USD) of the transaction We will help you directly recover your money that will save you the headache of calling the bank or credit card provider. We recommend you to cancel your credit card right away if you suspect that your credit card was used to commit fraud.

My order was rejected and I’m not sure the reason.

If you’ve had your order cancelled when your order was completed it’s most likely because of any of these two reasons.1. We are not able to finish your order, or are unable to finish your order with respect to any specific specifications. Our support team will normally send you an email to explain the situation.2. We suspect that your purchase is being fraudulent. If this is the scenario, our team will immediately terminate your order without notice. notice.In both instances we will issue a complete refund at the time the order is canceled.